Thursday, September 4, 2014

Big Brother16 and the IRS

I'm now addicted to watching BigBrother #BB16, something I never considered watching until I was at my daughter's house. As I watch the "social game" play out, I thought it would be fun to use the players as examples of the type of people and responses we receive from the #IRS. Here are a couple, just for fun - 

Devin - heavy handed and insulting; your worst nightmare; you'll do anything to get your file off his desk.

Zack - loud, crazy and not much substance; you'll put up with an hour of ranting to get to one minute of rational thought.

Nicole - sweet as pie; she'll bend over backwards to help you out, even though you may not like the result.

Cayleb - "beast mode tax man"; my way or the highway, unless you're female.

Donnie - dumb as a fox; you better watch yourself with Donnie - I think he has a masters in tax law and is former Navy Seal.

Derrick - the perfect combination of smarts and empathy.

 All in good fun. I wonder what the comparisons would be if you used Seinfeld instead?

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