Monday, March 31, 2014

#IRS Announces New Tax Scams

The #IRS recently announced two scams that will impact taxpayers and the manner in which they deal with the #IRS.

The newest approach involves scammers phoning taxpayers using fake names and IRS badge numbers - brazen acts to further intimidate unsuspecting taxpayers into providing the scammers with sensitive financial data. This method is effective because the #IRS will contact you by phone and the agent will identify himself with name and badge number.

Further complicating the situation is that the scammer will threaten the taxpayer with severe consequences if the tax bill is not paid. The scammer may also have stolen an #IRS notice from the taxpayers mailbox, providing the scammer with an amount, a notice number and date, and other valuable information about the taxpayer's actual tax problem.

The scammer will make threats, may use rude tones and language, and demand action now. Unfortunately, some agents may use these same tactics, especially when attempting to collect large amounts or trust fund related taxes.

The second scam involves a "phising" attempt via email.

Taxpayers should be aware that the #IRS never uses email to collect taxes.

The first scam is troublesome because it mimics the exact approach that the #IRS takes to collect taxes.

Taxpayers should contact the #IRS via their 800 number, 800-829-1040, to verify collection status and action.

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